Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that comparing window films can be confusing and believe that an educated consumer is the best consumer.
Below you will find 10 items that will both educate and help you in your decision making process.

1. Ultraviolet light causes at least 40% of fading. How much ultraviolet light does this film block? Has it been proven to block both UV-A and UV-B rays?

(Panorama films reject nearly 100% of both UVA and UVB rays.)

2. Solar heat energy causes an additional 25% of fading. How much solar energy, or solar heat, does this film reject? The greater the percentage, the more heat is kept out and the more you will save on your energy bills.

(Panorama films reject up to 82% of solar energy, depending on the shade.)

3. How do I want the film to look after it is installed? Do I want a dark tint to the window or do I prefer a film that is nearly invisible? What is the visible light transmittance on this film? The greater the percentage of light passing through the film, the lighter the film will be. Also, the darker the film the greater the chance of seal failure and/or glass breakage.

(Panorama offers the lightest film on the market, transmitting up to 69% of visible light.)

4. Is this film spectrally selective? If so, it will effectively block certain wavelengths of radiation while allowing other wavelengths through. Therefore, it will reject a greater amount of solar heat while also maintaining a greater amount of visible light. The film will generally be lighter but will have the performance of a darker film.

(Panorama Sterling series films are spectrally selective at no greater cost to the consumer and Hilite 70 is the highest performing spectrally selective film in the industry.)

5. What is the manufacturer’s warranty on this film? There are three components to a window film warranty: the product itself, glass breakage and seal failure. What are the terms for each of these three items? Is there an additional warranty that will replace the window manufacturer’s original warranty (in the event window film voids this warranty)?

(Panorama offers a lifetime plus 5 years transferrable to next owner with 10 years on glass breakage and full term of original glass manufacture warranty on seal failure.)

6. What is the thickness of this film? When comparing films, feel the thickness for yourself. A thicker film, (at least 2 mm.), will provide more durability, more scratch-resistance and greater security in holding the glass together in case of an accident.

(Panorama offers a superior film, ranging from 2 mm. to 14 mm. thick.)

7. What is the adhesive used to apply this film? Is it a pressure sensitive or clear dry adhesive? The main difference is how they bond with the glass. Pressure sensitive adhesives form a bond based on pressure between the film and glass. Water activated adhesives, or clear dry adhesives, form a chemical bond with the glass. This chemical reaction makes for a very strong bond, offers excellent clarity and greater longevity.

(Panorama utilizes a clear dry adhesive to ensure proper bonding.)

8. How current is the technology behind this window film? The concept of window film for use in solar control dates back to the 1960’s. Much has changed in the industry since then, from the film composition itself to the mounting adhesive used . Does this film’s manufacturer utilize the most state-of-the-art technological advances in the industry?

(From its’ sterling silver and gold composition to the amazing sputtering process utilized in manufacturing the film to now a Low-E film that works 24/7 all year round, Panorama clearly is the leader in window film technology.)

9. What is my comfort level with the window film company itself? Is the sales representative an expert in solar control solutions and able to educate me so I can make an informed decision? Is the owner of the company accessible and insured? Have references been provided? What are the qualifications and experience levels of the installers?

(We pride ourselves, not only in product knowledge, but in superior customer service. We feel a responsibility to bring the best product and installation techniques to our customers and treat them like they are family. Our employees have been installing window film for over 20 years and will be accompanied by the owner at any job requested . Just ask our hundreds of clients about us and you’ll see why SCS is the best choice for you!)

10. After evaluating the above items consider the price. Does the quality of the product warrant the price being charged? Remember you generally get what you pay for. This is an investment you will have for a lifetime.

(Panorama is known to be a superior product at a reasonable price. If you can find a similar product at a better price, we’ll beat it. GUARANTEED!